Friday, January 8, 2010

Start a Story

I found out about this initiative while browsing through Flickr. The site is a resource to get people to create their own stories and have fun.

Via Start A Story
Start a Story is a project that encourages creativity and collaboration. Through different projects I hope to get people involved in creating narratives. I'm interested in seeing how different people can bring their own unique insight, creativity and direction to a story.
Some of the projects spotted on the site include:
The 'Flow Chart Adventure' is a simple project for anyone, If you're scared to start a story this is the project to try. The flow chart divides up the story structure and allows the contributor to draw, write or both.

Pass it on : The idea was to create a story where each page was illustrated and written by someone different. I started the project and then passed my illustration onto someone else. Each person who participated only got to see the previous page to the one they worked on.

In Between is a story that begun with a beginning and then an end, it was up to the contributors to add to the story by adding the middle parts. There are nine pages in total each illustrated by someone different.
You can take a look or participate in the projects here.

Visit the website

Image Source: What What

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