Thursday, January 28, 2010

Akshar Bharati

Via Akshar Bharati

Akshar Bharati is a sincere effort to reach the children from rural and underprivileged areas who have the will to learn, to read books and to make difference in their lives. Akshar Bharati is trying to set up small libraries for such children in their localities so that the books will be available for them when they need them the most.

Akshar Bharati provides an easy way for everyone to get involved in Social work. We work along various NGO organization who are active in areas where we see requirement of a library.

The advantages of working along with area specific NGO are:

  • The NGO volunteers can look after Akshar Bharati library
  • Provide us constant feedback about working of Akshar Bharati
  • Akshar Bharati does not need to have a dedicated person required to manage the library

Once Akshar Bharati library in place we encourage volunteers to conduct various activities at the library location so to build curiosity among children to utilize books of the library.
Read more here. Learn how you can be a volunteer.

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