Thursday, December 3, 2009

Walk On '09 in Hyderabad

Via Aashayein Foundation

Walk On '09 is an initiative of Aashayein Foundation where we invite people to come together on a Sunday morning for the cause of Education.This 13th December, as the sun rises above the horizon, hundreds of Hyderabad denizens from various walks of life would be gathering at Necklace road for a short 5km walk.It’s a walk for the celebration of Education. It’s not just an event that completes on the day of the walkathon but the first step towards 100% literacy.

Through this Walkathon we're providing people a platform to get involved in the noble cause of spreading the importance of education and revisiting our commitment towards a better tomorrow.

Yes, its possible that very soon every kid will get quality education. Would you be there?

For further details, mail to info.hyd or call Dhanraj @ +91 998 530 1985 or You can register for the walk through bookmyshow
More details here and here.

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