Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Children’s Film Festival, Bangalore

Via Bengaluru Habba

Organised with the support of the Children’s Film Society of India, the film festival will showcase the best of films for children from across the world and across multiple languages.

Spread across 7 days, the films will be aired daily at Inox (Garuda Mall) at 10 am and 12pm. The Children’s Film Festival has partnered with select schools across the City in order to ensure that these films reach their target audience. Some of the films shown will include Vaadya, Innondu Mukha, Boy and the Crocodile, Sunshine Berry and Disco Worms, Summer with the Ghost, Tsunami 81, Surabhi, Gilli Gilli Aata, Puttani Party and Unique Hospital, to name a few.
More details about the Children's Film Festival and Bengaluru Habba can be found here.

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