Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Motion book 'Hirngespinster'

One word for this - Fantabulous!


Motion book 'Hirngespinster' (loosely translated from German as "dream weaver") is an interactive installation developed by German graphic design student Tristan Hohne as a graduation project for the University of Applied Sciences, Dortmund.

It's comprised of a traditional paper book, an LED table, a camera and computer, and most importantly, a ring device – the 'dream catcher' – that connects things as a sort of gateway from analogue to digital.

Illustrated characters within the book act as the center of each visual, with dotted patterns close by on the page. By placing the book onto the LED table, and then the dream catcher ring over the patterns, viewers are able to unlock animation on the screen.

From a narrative standpoint, Hirngespinster is all about experiencing living phantasies (the “ph” kind, more akin to the unconscious symbolism than the typical “f” based daydream variety).

“I especially wanted to show the process of imagination,” explains Hohne. “Recognizing that phantasy is always related to reality, I started to think of mixing media. Print and animation seemed to be the perfect match, since a book is a real tangible object, and digital animations could represent the living phantasy.”

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