Thursday, October 15, 2009

Neil Gaiman Crowdsourcing a Story via Twitter

Via BBC Audiobooks America
Starting October 13 at Noon EST, Neil Gaiman (known as @Neilhimself) will launch a special round-robin interactive storytelling experience. He'll tweet the first line of the story and then the rest is up to you! Just login to your Twitter account (registration is free) to continue the story.
Read the opening line of the story tweeted by Neil (or catch up with it in progress by visiting #bbcawdio) and then follow us at to post the next sentence of the story (tweets must be 140 characters or less) like this:
@BBCAA Your Tweet Here #bbcawdio
When roughly 1000 Tweets are logged, we’ll edit the contributions and compile a script, then head into the studio to record and produce the audiobook. The final audiobook will be downloadable free on our website and also available as a digital download at iTunes and other audiobook retailers.
Read more here.

Image Source : kopp0041

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