Monday, October 26, 2009

CROCUS: "Around the world in 7 days"

Saffron Tree is running a week long exchange program called CROCUS and it is to:

...find a selection of folktales for you and your children to enjoy from around the world! Read the reviews with your children, and talk about the tales they focus on. You and your children can make up your own modern folktale or may be even a twisted or fractured one must be fun. Best of all, you really don’t need a book to share a folktale from another part of the world. All you need is a little bit of imagination and the possibilities are endless! Together, this CROCUS 2009, let’s share lots of folktales with our children and pass on the torch of story-telling traditions for future generations!
Folktales from India and across the world is something that's dear to us here and part of our mission so this is heartening to read.

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