Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rare Books at Select Bookshop's Annual Sale (Bangalore)

Via expressbuzz
Rare first-edition books from Select Book Shop’s stable await you THE warm smell of old books embraces you when you enter the atrium of the Alliance Francaise.

Hundreds of rare first edition books, periodicals and old paintings are arranged in no apparent methodical manner here. It is the annual sale of Select Book Shop, where old books, hard-bound, dog-eared, beautifully yellow with age, are going to find new homes, book-shelves and readers.

Murthy, the owner of the book shop, which was set up in Bangalore in 1945, sits in a corner looking over the books. He points at a book that was published in 1868 and asks, “Can you think of a price for such books?” Select Book Shop faithfuls know that the store’s biggest attraction has always been the fact that it is a treasure trove for old books.

The sale is on till September 26.
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Image Source: lecercle

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