Friday, August 28, 2009

Namma Jathre

So many events are happening this weekend. Which one are you going for?

Via Citizen Matters
In early 2006, many non-profit and community based organizations like SICHREM, ESG, Sangama, Open Space, Stree Jagruthi Samiti et al and individuals (like yours truly) working with marginalized persons and social issues in and around Bangalore felt the need for an open, informal gathering and expression of life, our spirit and beliefs. The idea crystallized into Namma Jathre, Our Festival signfying that it is an event by and for everyone.

This year the festival travels to Freedom Park on Seshadri Road (Bangalore's erstwhile jail opposite Maharani College) on 29th & 30th August 2009 from 10 am - 5 pm

Namma Jathre will be 'free' i.e., there will be no entry or participation fees. It is for children, and adults, for the elderly and the differently abled, to come and see modest efforts at creating a better world - a world as it should be; with lots of fun, laughter, song and dance.

So in this festival there will be: *Free entrance *Free participation *Free software *Free films *Free toys *Free books *Free Right to Information Clinic for a Corruption Free India

with * Song * Dance * Theatre * Painting * Clay Modelling * Food * Community crafts * Fair trade * Sports

...and lots and lots of fun and sharing for all age groups and interests.

More information here. If you do go, let us know how the event was.

Image Source: Swami Stream

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