Thursday, August 6, 2009

Crickematics - Cricket + Maths

Our previous post on illustrating for children mentioned a book called Cricketmatics. A few minutes after that I found an article on this book. So, here goes..

Via The Hindu
It is about learning math through the game of cricket. “Maths is related to cricket. The game has statistics, run rates and averages. Anyone who follows cricket will understand the math component in it,” says Anshumani Ruddra, the author of Crickematics. So, he puts together maths and cricket in Crickematics. The book is a part of ‘Will you read with me?’ series of audio books (book + audio CD) for children, a campaign designed and promoted by Karadi Tales. Rahul Dravid has lent his voice.

The short story is about a young boy who loves cricket but is weak in mathematics. “Someone who cannot calculate averages cannot be a cricketer” is what the coach tells him. To help the boy understand the subject, he converts mathematical problems to cricketing problems.
Read the entire article here.

And while we are on the topic of maths, let me tell you that we have a 'Happy Maths' series too. You can read the books here:

Happy Maths 1 - Numbers
Happy Maths 2 - Shapes and Data
Happy Maths 3 - Measurements
Happy Maths 4 - Time and Money

If you like the Happy Maths series, you can order them here.

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