Friday, August 14, 2009

Apply to be a TED Fellow for TED2010

Via TEDBlog

The search is on for the 25 TED Fellows who will attend TED2010 in Long Beach, California, February 9-13. We’re looking for world-changing innovators from around the globe and from all disciplines.

The Fellows program brings new and dynamic individuals into the TED community and with its help, amplifies the impact of their remarkable projects. Fellows are drawn from technology, entertainment, design, the sciences, engineering, humanities, the arts, economics, business, journalism, entrepreneurship and NGOs. We value achievement over credentials -- making and doing over diplomas and certificates.

The TED Fellows program is accepting fellowship applications through Sept. 25, 2009. TED Fellows may apply themselves or be nominated by another person. Follow this link to apply. To nominate a candidate, email
More details here.

Image Source: duncan

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