Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Creative writing with Tarot Cards

Another day to mark on your calendar... The Mother Tree is inviting people to participate in a creative writing workshop that involves tarot cards.

Via mybangalore
The tarot will be your tool to give you messages to set the plot for your story, provide a structure, find the characters and expand the imagination to take you on a journey to write your script that could be more than just a tale. You need no understanding of the Tarot or the way it works but the tarot will take you through the writing in your own unique style. You will be amazed at how the cards tune in to your energies.

Age group – 15 years and above
Day and date: Saturday 25th July, 2009
Timing – 2.30-5.00 pm
Find the contact details here.

Image Source: zigwamp

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