Friday, June 5, 2009

Water Stories

The Schools Water Portal is an open, web-based platform for sharing learning resources on water amongst educators, students, school managements and parents. The portal offers a host of teaching resources for Environmental Education, Geography, Science and English teachers. People are also free to contribute and share their knowledge on this portal.

Water Stories contains folklore and mythological stories related to different water bodies across the world. Read the fascinating stories that surround the birth of a river in India or about the myth about a river in Congo.

Via Schools Water Portal
Durvasa’s Curse

Ganga grew up playful and happy under Brahma’s care. As legend goes, once when Sage Durvasa was visiting and having a bath, the brisk breeze blew off his cloth. Young Ganga who was close by happened to see this and broke into uncontrolled laughter. Quick to anger Durvasa, cursed the young Ganga, to spend time on Earth as a river in which all would take a purifying dip!
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