Monday, June 1, 2009

Rewind. Recap.

The week that was...

Our favourite post for the week was the mobile camel cart astronomy exhibition that travelled across villages in Gujarat. Other great ideas to spread education were the Bhatta Shalas (schools for children of kiln workers), the Bicycle Project and the 1kg More project in China.

Two interesting videos that surfaced through Twitter were the ShapeMaker wooden block toy animation and a lovely handmade pop-up book. Another interesting video was of Chamblin's , an infinite bookstore.

Janastu is providing ICT solutions and services to NGOs and New India Foundation is offering fellowships for scholars and writers.

Cool-er is another e-reader which claims to be cheaper, lighter and more open than Amazon’s Kindle or Sony’s Reader. As more e-book readers enter the market, a librarian voices her thoughts on what e-book devices are lacking. Read about PictureBox's patronage-based publishing model and how crowdsourcing for your blog can land you a book deal. And did you read about the toilet paper novel? And how you could contribute to "Book: The Sequel" project? Joi Ito's book 'FreeSouls' has beautiful photos of people he knows through the free culture/copyfight movement.

Browse through Matte Stephens's illustrations and visit the different links from our Twittering Thursday post.

Any guesses about who Archie chose to get married to? Betty or Veronica?

Image Source: somogyibarbara


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