Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pratham Books - Remixing Illustrations

For those of you who follow our blog, you know that we talk about the Creative Commons movement frequently. We have already released six of our books under a Creative Commons license on Scribd. Yesterday, we went ahead and posted a few illustrations under a CC license on our Flickr account. In the coming weeks, we will be posting more illustrations from our books. Feel free to experiment with these images and create your own stories (or use it in whatever way you want). Leave us a link if you try your hand at creating something, so we can also see what you came up with.

Hop over to our Flickr account to see the illustrations. And check back often to find more illustrations.

Happy remixing!

Update: Yayy! We made it to boingboing (Thanks Cory Doctorow). A huge welcome to boingboing visitors. You can keep track of our other CC-experiments by following our blog, following us on Twitter or remixing our CC-licensed books.


  1. What you guys are doing in incredible and a great service to the community at large! Thanks and support goes out for your future endeavors!

  2. @NunoXEI - Thanks for your kind words and support. We hope that illustrations are of useful to you too.

  3. I tried scribd.com on my OLPC XO-1 running release 8.2.1. The site is slightly too wide for Browse and no scrollbars appear. The iPaper gadget for Happy Maths 4 doesn't work in the Gnash flash movie player 0.8.3, I just get a gray area

    It might be that newer versions of the Sugar UI with newer versions of Gnash work fine.

    Thanks for making this stuff available!