Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kidwick Books

Chris Brogan reviewed a set of Kidwick books he received recently on his blog. He talks about the quality of the books and their selling point.

You see, Eric probably would say that it’s so cool that he’s got this really well-produced Audio CDs that come with the books. These things are closer to Hollywood productions versus your typical audiobook. There’s a lot of heart and emotion put into the readings, and I get that.

To me, the messages were the selling point.

So, we got curious about Kidwick Books and hopped over to their website to view some of the books. The illustrations are lovely and you MUST listen to the audio demos of the books. The voice overs are fantastic and truly capture the essence of the book.

From their website

Each Kidwick book comes with a unique "Book-on-CD". Not your typical children’s audio book, these CDs feature enchanting, dramatic performances from kids and adults, lush sound effects, and audible page turns, so even the newest of "readers" can enjoy these books on their own.

You can hear the audio demos here and don't miss the audio slideshow of Bad Rats.

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