Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Open Source Ranking - India is 23rd on List

Open Source Activity Map

Red Hat commissioned the Georgia Institute of Technology – Georgia Tech, to research the state of open source around the world, and has now publshed the results of the research as the Open Source Activity Map and Open Source Environment Map.

The environment map is speculative – and is function of various factors like Government initiatives/Industry environment and Community.

The research found several themes that impacts the open source movement:

  • Technology adoption at national (country) level
  • Public policy issues and adoption within public sector
  • Private sector adoption and use
  • Developer roles in adoption and use
  • Economic issues pertaining to open source software

Overall, India stands 23rd in the current activity map and slips to a dismal 53rd in speculative ranking (mostly because of lack of initiatives from govt. as well as community).

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