Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Miki Sato's Fabric Illustrations

We feature illustrations quite often on our blog.But today's 'illustration love' post is a little different. Miki Sato's beautiful illustrations are made from fabric and textiles.
Miki Sato is a freelance illustrator living and working from Toronto, Canada. Her mixed media technique involves the layering of many found surfaces and textiles creating a uniquely three dimensional and tactile piece.
Don't they have such a dream-like quality? The 'Postcards" set on Flickr is especially nice. It shows Miki Sato's visual depiction of an emotion corresponding to a certain situation.

Visit her website or her Flickr site to see more of these lovely illustrations.

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  1. The color and texture of these fabric illustrations is a tribute to the genius of Miki Sato.

    The photos do an excellent job of capturing the details and the contrasts -- for example, the smooth bodies of the birds against the coarse weave of the green background.

    I especially like the flying figure -- which recalls Chagall's flying figures -- in that richly texture creation. The satiny clouds billow against the fine points of the turquoise sky and the detailed edifices of roller coaster and ferris wheel highlight Sato's artistry.

    Good post.