Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Kit to Thwart Writer's Block

Lack the inspiration to write? Devoid of new ideas? Try Elizabeth Dilk's kit to thwart writer's block.

Via designboom
While specifically designed with writers in mind, the kit can help many people kick start their creativity. As a graphic design student Dilk was asked to ‘find something I hate, change it and make it better, and then advertise it’ for a project. As she states ‘because I hate getting writers block, I researched the many ways to solve it, and created a packaged kit.’
The kit comes with tools to encourage and inspire the writer. The kit also contains silkscreened depressing doodles which Elizabeth created to look like they could have been drawn by someone in the throes of writers block, pre-chewed pencils so that your nervous twitches and procrastinating actions are provided for you and you can skip the chewing and just start writing.

See more pictures of the kit here.

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  1. i'd like to buy one! but where?

  2. @Anon and @Emelina - You can buy the kit from here : http://elizabethdilk.com/index.php?/projects/kit-to-thwart-writers-block/

  3. @Maya - Um, no you can't.

  4. @Anon - Hmmm. Have written to Elizabeth (the creator of the kit). Hope she responds soon.

  5. @Anon - Elizabeth replied and said that she was working on a new version of this kit and would inform us once she is done with that. So, you can probably buy it from her then :)

    1. Dang it this was 2 years ago!

    2. dude I know. I just want one.