Monday, March 23, 2009

Traditional Indian Games in Bangalore

When it comes to organizations and places that offer traditional Indian games, some of the names you may already know are Sutradhar and Kreeda. Now Bangalore has a new place where you can find traditional Indian games - Kavade.

Via NGO Post
Kavade (pronounced Ka-va-de in Kannada), a niche toy hive in Seshadripuram aims to revive traditional Indian craft (mainly toys) that are fighting a valiant battle against the "made-in-china" brand of toys imposed on our children today. On the one hand it helps small self help groups earn a livelihood, while on the other hand our kids get to learn and enjoy a wide variety of traditional Indian games.

Kavade has aligned with K4, a self-help group of about 50 women from the villages of Kanya Kumari, which is evolving as a Craft Community working with palm leaf and other natural materials for a sustainable livelihood.
Find more information about Kavade here.


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