Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Obama's Guide to Social Media

Indian election fever has gripped cyberspace too and we see political parties entering the social media sphere every day. Ads, Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, blogs : the buzz is all around. While we are talking about politics and social media, one cannot fhelp but mention Obama's campaign. The following article points out why Obama's campaign worked and of how organizations and individuals can adopt such a plan to communicate with their audiences:

The Obama campaign gave prospective supporters different set of options and ensured that supporters are engaged in different stages of the campaign:

Personal - You could start by friending Obama on a social network. Then, you might sign up for text messages and e-mails to stay informed about the campaign. As a supporter, you may make your first donation or register to vote.

Social - Once invested, you may post a comment to a friend’s profile, telling them why Obama was the right candidate for them. Perhaps you would jump to the MyBarackObama.com Web site, where you would create an account. After getting positive feedback on the site, you might join or even create a group.

Advocate - To drive interest in the group, you may post pictures, write blog posts or create a video declaring your support, which you could post to YouTube.


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