Monday, March 23, 2009

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Penguin India held a treasure hunt to promote Sam Miller's Delhi: Adventures in a Megacity online.

Via The Penguin India blog
In the book, Sam, a BBC journalist, undertakes a series of walks around Delhi, traveling in an anti-clockwise spiral as he works his way out of the city, writing about his adventures, the people he meets, and the fascinating eccentricities of India's capital.

We decided to replicate his journey on Google Maps, offering people extracts from the book, and photos Sam took during his walks. But there was a twist-the Delhi Treasure Hunt! Each week as the spiral grew we set clues to be solved, which in the end reveals the whereabouts of the real-life Treasure.

n addition to the Treasure Hunt we set up a Facebook Group for the book, filling it with additional photos, games, quizzes, and information surrounding the book.
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The estate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has authorised a series of books detailing the life of the teenage Sherlock Holmes, which will see the budding detective falling in love for the first time, learning the deductive skills that serve him so well in his adult life, and making the acquaintance of a certain Dr Watson.

Starting at age 14 and tracing Holmes's life at school and then at university, the books will be written by author Andrew Lane – a self-confessed "super-fan" who has a collection of over 100 Holmes-related books – kicking off with a case referenced but never explained by Conan Doyle, The Colossal Schemes of Baron Maupertius. This will see Holmes, who is sent to stay with relatives in Surrey after his soldier father is unexpectedly posted to India, uncovering a series of murders.

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