Thursday, February 12, 2009

5 Random Things About Pratham Books

If any of you are on facebook, you may have seen your facebook feed mentioning that your friend has posted a note titled "25 Random Things About Me". You may have also been tagged in it and gently urged to make your own list.

Starting today, we will have a few people from the Pratham Books team sharing "5 Random Things About Pratham Books". with you. Today's list comes from Gautam John.

1. We love chocolate. Come to think of it we love sugar. And almost always have something sweet at office. And no, fruit does not count.

2. We speak ten languages. And then a few.

3. There is only one person at our office who can give directions to the office.

4. We love Subway. Come to think of it, we love take out food. And the unhealthier the better.

5. We run Ubuntu. Free is best!

Stay tuned for more lists!


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