Thursday, January 29, 2009

Visual Depiction of Wikipedia

There is all this talk about some changes that the Wikipedia model may undergo. But, while that debate goes on, let us take a look at a visual Wikipedia campaign created by Mike E. Perez, Mark Decker, Jacob Brubaker. And the idea behind this campaign was:
Many people tend to view Wikipedia as an unreliable source of information because anyone can edit entries on the website.

Our concept was to present an everyday person as an "expert" on a specific subject in order to show that whether the information comes from a university professor or from an avid gamer, it is still reliable.

Each piece shows a straight view of each persona and a mind map of their thought process. We felt this approach humanizes the experience of Wikipedia.

Our tag reads: "I [edit] wikipedia"

The brackets around the word "edit" are a reference to the brackets around the edit links on the actual wikipedia site.

See more pictures on quartermane's flickr stream

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