Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Box Doodle Project

A wonderful wonderful project. One that makes me smile. Presenting... *drum roll* .. The Box Doodle Project by David Hoffman.

Who doesn't love doodling? Do you doodle while you talk on the phone, while you think about ideas, when you sit in class and are bored by the lecture being delivered or even while you wait for a web page to load (psst: warning this post may take some time to load, but only because it has some really nice illustrations! So please be patient. Doodle away till it loads.)
The rules are quite simple: rearrange a box to make a kind of figure or object. Make the most of least.
The Box Doodle Project also has a box doodle tool which allows you to doodle on a box online. Take a screenshot of your artwork and mail it across to David Hoffman. (Psst: the format of their browser is horizontal, so make sure you do not miss on some fabulous artwork by mistake).

And now we present some of the results of this project. All images courtesy this website

1 comment:

  1. It seems that all good things in life come in small doses - a case amply illustrated by thie wonderfully quirky and brilliant cardboard caricatures. Although, I wouldn't call this art-work doodling (which for me means random scribbling on paper without any particular patterns or colours). Love this post for the sheer splash of colours, ingenunity and talent! P.S. Let's see if I could try my hand at the moo-ing cow doodle :-)
    - Furry-byter