Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Community Radio

"...The Restoring Force (TRF), has received the preliminary Letter of Intent from the Ministry informing TRF that it has been granted a license to start a community radio station in Gurgaon. Considering TRF’s existing work in government schools in Gurgaon, especially in the area of career counselling and infrastructure development, it seems appropriate to focus, at first, on this area alone."

"My intention is to blog the entire community radio project so that, one, the entire process is documented, and two, so that any one out there who has an opinion or input can do so via this blog. Unlike a commercial project, this project is completely transparent, so there is no hesitation in sharing ideas and progress, and failures and successes.

If this is a project that you have something to say about, you MUST write in."
More at Arti's blog...

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